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We are on a mission to democratize expert knowledge. Stay up to date with your knowledge on various topics, validated by peer reviewed scientific papers worldwide.

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  • Validated Research

    Validated research only. Our summaries are based off peer-reviewed research papers only.

  • Up-to-date

    We provide summaries of up-to-date research findings so that you do not waste time and cognitive resources.

  • Affordability

    Say Goodbye to thousands of subscriptions to papers and journals. We cover millions of research papers.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Time Phantom provides research paper summaries, saving you time and cost. You can use our apps to learn, conduct research and design learning programs.

We use a combination of AI and human processes. Our editorial team, assisted with AI, curates summaries of papers from peer-reviewed journals.

Our chatbot helps you get answers to specific questions. The chatbot is trained exclusively on peer-reviewed research papers. This is mostly helpful to researchers or when completing a specific task.

No. We believe peer-review is an important step to ensure a research paper is reliable.

You can use our technology to design and update your academic curriculum. You can use our technology to provide fresh resources to your students. You can also use our technology to supercharge your research department.

Yes. Although we are very confident in our AI, we still complete it with a manual process to ensure extra quality touch to our research paper summaries.

If you are a business or a university, you can request pricing by filling out the request demo form on this page.

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